About the Bible Online project

The Bible Online project started on 23 October 2003.

In 2009, bibleonline.ru became the main address of the project and has remained so for almost ten years.

In 2015, the domain bible.ru was acquired and an attempt was made to make another project about the Bible. At the same time, bible.ru is one of the 500 oldest domain names in the Russian Internet segment.

In 2018 comes the realization that we can not support two different projects simultaneously both mobile and regular versions of the main domain, and we begin work on combining one domain, and the domain itself www.bible.ru as a link to the main project. All subprojects are transferred to subdomains *.bible.ru.

In 2022, for reasons that many understand, but we can't name them today, the only.bible domain was acquired and is being migrated from the .RU zone.

Domains of Bible Online Project

Main domain: only.bible

Early used: bible.ru & bibleonline.ru

Cyrilic name Библия.Онлайн

Other domains: Bible-Online.ru; OnlineBible.ru; Online-Bible.ru.

Cyrilic domains: Библия.Онлайн; БиблияОнлайн.РФ; Библия-Онлайн.РФ; ОнлайнБиблия.РФ; Онлайн-Библия.РФ.

All sites of the Bible Online project, are accessible only through the HTTPS protocol.